Lansing, Michigan Balikbayan Box Door to Door delivery USA to the Philippines Christmas shipping season starts now.

We are Lansing Michigan's oldest and most trusted Balikbayan box shipper we have been serving the Filipino community for 15 years. Our mission is to give you the fastest and most reliable service, LBC is without question is gold standard in box shipping to the Philippines.  We want to remind all of our customers Christmas shipping season is in full swing now. Call Lansing office number for shipping service 810-599-0966.

Shipping Balikbayan boxes to the Philippines from USA LBC EXPRESS MI

When it comes to shipping boxes to the Philippines from the USA nobody does it better than LBC we have long been the leader in the industry. We ship boxes for Expats, Missionaries, Rotary clubs, Churches, Charity Organizations, and much more. Common things sent are religious and educational books, food, clothing housewares, toys, tools, toiletries, etc. Are warehouse is located in the heart of Michigan servicing the entire state. We offer drop off and pick up service depending upon the amount of boxes and mileage required. Please call 8105990966 for service.

Detroit Michigan LBC Express Agents Balikbayan Box Forwarders to Philippines

Welcome to LBC Express we serve the metro Detroit area. Founded in the 1950’s, LBC is also known as Luzon Brokerage Corporation. LBC offers the largest and most trusted Balikbayan Box delivery service throughout Philippines with over 600 local branches nationwide. Today you'll find LBC all over North America, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe and Oceania with more than 3,000 branches and affiliations worldwide. There are other companies trying to duplicate are service however if you seek reliable worry-free shipping LBC is the gold standard every box can be tracked by you on the LBC website as your box travels halfway around the world by container rail and ship. We will pick up your boxes in depending on distance and how many boxes you have. If you want to ship boxes call are Michigan agents Tom and Lea they have been serving the Michigan Filipino community for 12 years they are experts in the shipping business call 810-599-0966. 


Welcome to LBC EXPRESS MICHIGAN we  service Grand Rapids, lansing, Detroit we have regular box pickup in your area. Jerry is one of our happy customers from Kentwood he is moving to the Philippines. I am a LBC agent serving Michigan Filipino community since 2007. Thousands of Filipinos families have put their trust in us and LBC to ship your boxes. If we can be of service please call 810-599-0966  Lea or Thomas.

Container Shipping USA to Philippines, China, India, Europe, Middle East Air And Sea Cargo, Domestic Freight, Student Relocation


Container shipping to the Philippines. We are a full-service freight shipping company that uses the most efficient and affordable combination of truck air and ocean shipping for residential and commercial freight. Global Shipping is your full service shipping and packaging company. We offer specialized shipping services, domestic trucking, containers, boxes, moving and crating services for international students and graduates who are returning to their home countries in China, India, Europe, Philippines, Japan, Middle East in need of an inexpensive method to transport their books, excess baggage and other household goods. We have multiple shipping terminals in Ohio and throughout every state in the USA. We offer terminal to terminal or door to door shipping domestic or international. Click start now button below for more information and to get your fast free shipping quote.



Balikbayan Box Grand Rapids, LBC EXPRESS Spring ( Promo) Shipping to Philippines

Welcome Kabayans to LBC Express Grand Rapids. We have a Balikbayan box (PROMO for the West Michigan Grand Rapids area. If you are shipping 6 or more boxes call our office 810-599-0966 mention this ad to get special pricing. Click this link to visit our website.


LBC EXPRESS We have a shipment leaving our warehouse Friday March 30th. Call 810-599-0966 to ship. This link to visit our homepage website for more info.

LBC EXPRESS Shipping to Philippines Cheapest Balikbayan Box Service In Michigan You Get What You Pay For

 Many of our customers lately have been bringing us boxes from other shipping companies. Most of these smaller companies do not have the infrastructure branch offices built throughout the Philippines to safely store and deliver boxes by their own employees particularly in far provinces. Many customers have complained their boxes took up to  4 months to deliver with poor or nonexistent tracking. Many have complained there boxes were tampered with or not delivered at all. This happens because they use 3rd party persons looking to make a few pesos not employees. It is widely known LBC is the gold standard in the balikbayan box shipping industry so if you want peace of mind call us at 810-599-0966 Lea or Tom. We will except all competitor boxes.

LBC Door To Door The Trusted King Of Balikbayan Box Delivery.

LBC is considered the leading Balikbayan Box service in the Philippines with over 600 branches nation wide. The Balikbayan return to homeland box brings joy to your loved ones by sending them your gifts/pasalubong. Guaranteed regular cargo ship departure to ensure timely delivery. Delivery areas throughout the Philippines include Metro Manila, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Safe and secure LBC handles your boxes from the time they are received and delivered to your loved ones. We service the entire State of Michigan our warehouse address is 9889 W Grand River call 810 599 0966 to ship with us. Click here to visit our homepage.

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Container Shipping to Philippines Worldwide Freight Student Relocation Residential and Commercial Sea and Air Cargo

                                                            We specialize in Container shipping to the Philippines and worldwide. We ship both Air and Sea Cargo freight for both residential and commercial customers. If you are a expat or student in need a shipping container or vehicle to move back to the Philippines we can arrange that. Our office and warehouse is based in Detroit, Mi with six more terminals throughout the state for easy access to drop off your packages and boxes. We have terminal to terminal and door to door service worldwide. For a fast free quote click the button below.


LBC EXPRESS BALIKBAYAN BOX SHIPPING SERVICE MICHIGAN. We thank Andy for his business he served in the 101st Airborne Corregidor Philippines in the 50s he is moving there permanently. We have large unlimited weight boxes that are shipped to the Philippines via sea cargo this is most affordable way to ship large amounts of household goods, books, tools just about anything to the Philippines.Call 810-599-0966 to ship. link to homepage.

LBC Express Michigan Balikbayan Box Shipping New Customers Shipping To Mindanao Philippines.

Welcome to LBC EXPRESS MICHIGAN thank you for shipping with us it was a pleasure to meet and serve you. Call 810-599-0966 to ship. Link to are homepage.

LBC EXPRESS BALIKBAYAN BOX shipping your donations of knowledge you can make a difference.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE LBC EXPRESS BALIKBAYAN BOX SHIPPING DONATIONS. Their is a great need for Christian and educational books for schools in the Philippines. We work with many Churches and Rotary clubs and other organizations. We ship large boxes by sea cargo dimensions are 17" x 18" x 28 inches with unlimited weight. LBC is the most economical way to ship boxes anywhere throughout the Philippine islands. Just give us a call we can help get your project started 810-599-0966. Link to are homepage.


Welcome to LBC EXPRESS your trusted source for Balikbayan Box Door to Door shipping to the Philippines.  Call our Michigan office 810-599-0966 to speak to our Agents. Click here to visit our Website.


Lansing Michigan LBC Balikbayan Box Shipping

 We are the oldest and most trusted Balikbayan Box shippers in the State of Michigan. CALL 810-599-0966 if you're ready to ship!

Send Donated Christian Books Bibles To Philippines LBC Balikbayan Box

We are picking up Balikbayan Boxes from Missionary Mary Beth is sending donated Christian Books from CRI in Fowlerville, Michigan to a community center in Laoag City Philippines. If you need to send one box or a container we can get the job done. Call Tom or Lea 810-599-0966 if your ready to ship.

Ohio and Michigan LBC Balikbayan Box Shipping to Philippines

Hello we are authorized LBC shipping agents for the State of Michigan, Northern Ohio and Indiana. LBC is the absolute trusted king of Balikbayan Box Shipping to the Philippines. If you are ready to ship call 810-599-0966. Click this link to visit our homepage website for more info. 

LBC Balikbayan Box Shipping Donations To The Philippines Books, Clothing, Medical, Food You Can Make A Difference.

Shipping Balikbayan boxes back home is a Philippine tradition sending much needed essential supplies to loved one's. If your church organization, Rotary club, etc are considering a donation project we can help. We ship large boxes with unlimited weight by sea cargo to the Philippines this is a very affordable way to send large amounts donations such as school books, clothing, medical, food and much more. We would be happy to talk to you about your project please call 810-599-0966 to ship with us. This link to visit our homepage website for more info.

Welcome To LBC Michigan Balikbayan Box Shipping Agent Warehouse.

Welcome to our LBC Mid Michigan Shipping Warehouse. If you are ready to ship boxes or need to pick up empty boxes call 810-599-0966. If you are traveling a long distance we recommend you bring and pack your items here to ship immediately. We accept cash only to send boxes. Are addess 9889 West Grand River Fowlerville Mi. Click here to visit our homepage.

Michigan Balikbayan Box Information

Welcome to LBC Express. We are located in the middle of the state so customers from outlying areas have access to drop off there Balikbayan boxes. We have customers from Lansing, Grand Rapids, Saginaw, Kalamazoo, Fort Wayne Indiana, Detroit Michigan and Toledo Ohio.We offer pickup service for customers in all of these areas depending upon the amount of boxes. Call Lea or Tom 810-599-0966. Click her to visit our website.