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How To Pack Tape And Ship Your Balikbayan Box To The Philippines

 Pack your box carefully be sure to use plastic bubbles or other insulation if you are sending any glass breakables. Put anything that is breakable in plastic bags or zip locks. There is a list of prohibited items on this site you are not allowed to send in boxes. Do not overpack boxes to the point  they are bulging these boxes will be rejected. Tape up your boxes very securely. We recommend using the clear wide box tape. This type of tape can be found at any hardware or Walmart stores.The only thing left to do is fill out is some paperwork and your done. If you have any additional questions. Call 8105990966 If you would like to ship your Balikbayan Box with us are address is 9889 West Grand River Fowlerville Mi, 48836.
For more info about are service please click here to visit our LBC Shipping homepage.